How To Get Rid Of Household Clutter

household clutter

Why is it so hard to stop a bad habit and so easy to pick one up?  If you know the answer to this question, let me know in the comment section. Building clutter is quite easy but  getting rid of them is a difficult task. The thing with clutter is, the minute you start; you just can’t stop until everywhere is a mess. When it gets to that stage, you become overwhelmed with the mess you have made and just continue doing more mess.

The reason that happens is because you don’t know where to start the cleaning and you have become comfortable living with it. Having clutters around is not a good thing; it could be taken as you been disorganized and dirty. There is nothing more satisfying as walking into an organized closet, an organized kitchen or an organized living room.

cluttersOvertime, if you are a clutter king or queen, it starts reflecting in your personal life and mind. You start spending hours looking for clean clothes to wear because your closet is full of clutters; you literally have to spend hours looking for your items.  As a result of that, you end up wearing dirty clothes because you can’t tell the clean clothes from the dirty ones or you end up buying new items because you can’t find the old one. The worst of them all, you turn your home to a pest kingdom.

I have listed 3 key tips to help you overcome clutters. These are what I have tried. Learning a new habit requires consistency.  When you make up your mind to declutter your home or surrounding, the key is  consistency. Within a short period, it will become a habit if you are consistent.

Keep thing at the right place every time. No exception

Place things at their rightful place the moment you are done with them. For example, don’t leave your clothes or shoes in the living room.  I believe those items do not belong there .  Take them to the right place immediately you take them off. Better still why not take them off in your closet or wherever you store them. You don’t want your guest to walk into your home and find clothes on the chair or your shoe on the table.

Also, you don’t want to cleaning in a haste when someone knocks on the door.   make sure to throw that box away when you take out the content in it except if you want to use it for other things. If that is the case, store it properly. Don’t just throw it randomly in the garage or storage room.

Pick a day for deep cleaning

Pick a day of the week where you thoroughly clean and declutter. If you are in the process of being clutter – free. Do this once a week until it becomes a habit. Then after, you can switch to once a month because by then you already know how to avoid clutters. This will ensure you are getting rid of those clutters on time.

I understand that sometimes, you might be tired and throw that plastic container you don’t need somewhere with the hope of properly disposing it when have more energy. But you got carried away with other tasks and completely forgot about it. That is alright because we get tired and we forget sometimes. But if you already have a set day for deep cleaning, you will definitely run into that plastic container and dispose it off properly.

Setting a day for thorough cleaning helps with staying on track in making sure there are no clutters  Remember, there is no point holding on to an old remote, old newspaper/magazines, old clothes you don’t wear, old make up products , expired batteries, old rags e.t.c

Return or give out items you don’t need

Holding on to an item you know you will never use is only going to create clutters in your home. Return them as soon as possible or give them out to someone who needs them. Remember clutters can build up quickly and is difficult to get rid of.  You can also set up a day where you go through your items to see if  there are items that should be  donated or even thrown away. In addition,  before you buy an item, be sure you really need it and don’t have a duplicate at home.

household clutters

The rewards of having a clutter free home are enormous. You don’t have to spend hours or days looking for an item. I must admit, that it’s not an easy task but when it becomes a habit, you would appreciate the benefit.

What helps you stay on top of clutters in your home?


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