The Secret To Accepting Change

embracing change“There is nothing permanent except change” Heraclitus of Ephesus.

No matter how hard we try, when it is time for a change, it sure must happen. A change can happen in any area of life; it could be a change in job, a new relationship, relocating unexpectedly, lose of a loved one, change in health status and so on. A couple of months ago, I found myself in situations I couldn’t control. It felt like a chain reaction.

In fact, it was a chain reaction, one time changed and every other thing followed. Everything happened so fast and found myself struggling.   I fought and resisted the change because I didn’t want it. It was a great struggle until I finally hit the bottom.

Looking back at the scenario, I wish I knew better. I wish I had intellectually thought about the situation and strategically come up a solution.  I kept on resisting  the change until Mr Change forced me to accept him. The  changes I went through have  brought a storm of lessons to me. If you haven’t read my post on life lessons I have learned see here. 

As much as I try to fight back each of those situations I was facing, I have since learned to embrace the uncertainties of life and the changes that come my way.  I have been thinking about this subject because I have been through it and still trying to get myself back on my feet. so far, it has been an interesting journey and I have learned so much and I’m still learning.

How To Embrace Change

Here are 4 key lessons I learned from my experience on how to deal with change.

Embrace your feeling: I don’t think there is anyone that will be happy with an unexpected change they didn’t want. It is OK to go through that feeling of hurt and bitterness.  If you need to cry about it, please do. You know best how it hurts you. Don’t try to mask the feeling when deep down inside you are time bomb waiting to explode.  However, don’t spend eternity in that phase of hurt.

 Acknowledge the change: I am one of those that struggle with change. I try to stay on the positive side and for no reason will I acknowledge any “change” I don’t want. With my experience, I have come to realize that change is part of our live. Everything happens for a reason. Even though, some of those things might be our fault. It is all for a reason.  I have learned not to approach change from a place of denial. This is actually the biggest lesson for me.

embracing change

Be realistic: I had high expectations of how I wanted everything  to turn out. I had so much confidence everything was going to happen the way I wanted it. For the things I already had, I was confident nothing was going to mess them up.

I had planned a perfect life for myself and was expecting to end 2017 with a BANG. But the truth is, nothing last forever. life happens.  You can be up today and be down tomorrow. That was my situation, all my expectations crashed within a twinkling of an eye. It was not funny then but now that I think about it, I laugh at some of the things I did then to savage the situation.

When you set goals and expectations, be honest with yourself.  Trust your  instincts. The problem is we just don’t follow our instincts. When my expectations weren’t met, I went through a phase of regret, pain, loss and hopelessness. That is one phase I wish never to go through again.

There is strength in change: this reminds of the song stronger by Madisa.  It takes a courageous mind to accept change. Letting go and embracing that change builds your strength.  It will open your mind to learn and deeply think about the whole situation.

You need to check the situation to get the lesson. If you don’t accept and let go, you might never rise up from that situation.  Changes are meant to make us grow stronger physically, emotionally and intellectually.  Don’t keep resisting when you know it is what it is and miss the lesson.

Above all, don’t be afraid of change like the old me. Remember sometimes you have to lose to win again. It could feel like you losing so much but you don’t know what will happen in the future. Life is constantly changing. Look on the bright side and see it as a stepping stone to a brighter future. Who knows you might look back years later and say to yourself, “Thank God that change happened” or better still you can guide someone with your experience.

Share your thoughts with me about change.  Have you gone through any major change in life? How did you handle it?  What helped you pull through?


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