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A Quick Stop at Abuja | Road Trip

road trip to AbujaI needed to take care of a few things at Abuja. So, I decided to take a road trip from Lagos to Abuja with bae. It is been over 10 years since I embarked on a road trip and above all, I haven’t been to Abuja.

The day before the trip, I packed everything we needed for this trip. I am a light traveler, I hate carrying multiple and heavy luggage. I want to be able to jump up and go when I get to my destination. So, if I can afford carrying just one small bag, I am good to go.

We didn’t want to drive so we decided to take a commercial bus. We arrived at the park quite early about 6:20AM but as usual there were some delay. If you live in Nigeria, this won’t be new to you.  After about two hours delay, we left Lagos for Abuja.

I was happy the journey had started; I didn’t know there were more surprises on the way. We made our first stop at Ibadan. Those who know me very well know I have a special affinity for Ibadan. That is a story for another day. When we stopped, I thought we were just stopping to take a break but later I realized the bus had some issues.

Two hours went by and the mechanic was still trying to fix this bus. At this point, you could see the frustration on my face.  Three hours went by and finally they got us another bus to continue the journey. We continued our journey and the worst of it all happened; the driver wasn’t too familiar with the route to Abuja.

At this point, I knew there were just two options. It’s either we end up in Abuja or we end up in another country. I was praying for the former because ain’t nobody got time finding their way back to Lagos.  With the help of Google map, we kept going but we missed our way. You know sometimes Google map has a mind of its own. Missing our way was the beginning of this awesome trip to Abuja.

It was getting late, we had started this journey at about 8AM. The time is now  6PM and we were still not half way to Abuja. At this point, everyone on the bus was getting upset, phone ringing with family trying to check up on their love ones to get updates on the trip. To cut the long story short we got to Abuja the next day at around 2:15AM. This was an 18 hour trip and so far longest 18 hours of my life. Special thanks to the unforeseen car breakdown, bad roads and the driver.

I was in Abuja for serious business, so I didn’t get a chance to explore the city. We  spent just 14 hours in Abuja. It wasn’t enough time to go around and explore but we did see a movie at the Jabi lake mall. This is one of the best malls I have visited in Nigeria.  Although, I didn’t visit many places but with the few I visited, this city is quite beautiful and neat.  I love how organized everything is.

Next time, I will make sure to spend more time so I can get a proper feel of the city. Overall, I will say this trip was an experience. I wish we spend that much time on the road and I will give road trips in Nigeria a second chance and maybe third chance.

Have you had a road trip that didn’t turn out well? Let me know in the comment section below.


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    January 14, 2018 at 6:45 am

    I dey fear road trip….anyway Abuja is quite nice.

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