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Before I got the courage to go public with my blog, I have had like two blogs in the past. But I just didn’t have the courage and technicality to do anything with those blogs. I had ideas in my head but the courage wasn’t there to move forward. Also, my introvert nature and procrastination played a part in letting those blogs never come into existence.

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I have always wanted to have a blog, I love and enjoy writing.  I have multiple diaries and all I do with them is write stories, articles and summaries of books that have inspired me. Writing is actually a form of therapy for me.

what no tells you about bloggingLast year I said to myself, I have to give this blogging thing another try. It is time to conquer my shyness. So I went ahead and got a host and all that. For a week, I was scared to write my introductory post or build the site. Thank goodness for YouTube, I watched a lot of bloggers videos that were quite helpful and inspiring. That gave me the boost I needed.

The first step was to build the site and that wasn’t a funny process for me.  I spent nights trying to follow the tutorials I found on YouTube. When I got a hang of it, I was angry  for not trying all this while. The worst thing you can ever do to yourself is not to TRY. You never know how much you can do until you try.

So, if there is anything you need to do (I mean something that is positive and will add value to your live, family or the society), don’t be scared to try. No matter the challenges or how difficult it might seem from afar, just TRY and keep TRYING.  The first two blogs I had, I never tried and being that I didn’t have the money to pay a web designer. Those blog never came to light. That wasn’t the best approach. Don’t behave the way I did. TRY

Things They Won’t Tell You

So enough of my story of not trying, I have learned my lesson. Let’s get back to today’s discussion. If you are a new blogger like me or even a seasoned blogger, I am sure you have seen posts like this, “how to start a blog in 3 easy steps and make full-time income in 3 months,”  “how I got 20k page  views in 6 months” or “how I made xyz in just  a month of blogging.” You read all these posts and get hyped with the hope of achieving the same success.

Yes, it is very possible to get all that within a short period of time  blogging but you need to also face the reality.  It is not always the case. Are you ready to work like your live is on the line? Do you have all the tools needed? Do you have the resources to invest in your blog?

By the way, if you are a new blogger, be careful how you spend your money. Don’t go buying every course out there when you are not yet getting any revenue from your blog. Spend wisely because you might  get to the middle of this blog journey and discover blogging is not for you.

Based on my  experience, I have drafted four facts no one will tell you about blogging. This is to  avoid being disappointed  when you don’t get  the results highlighted by those posts.

Blogging is hard work

Writing a quality contents takes a lot time and energy too.  That includes the thought process of whatever topic you are writing on, editing, creating image, editing the image, optimizing the post, posting, promoting and the extras you have to do. In my first month of blogging, I spent like about 4 days to complete a post. I would be up all night trying to make my post look presentable and easy to read. Although, part of the reason was because I was new to blogging and didn’t quite understand how to use word press site and create images.

Currently, I follow a blueprint and that has been helpful. Writing a post doesn’t take me that long anymore. Thank goodness. But nevertheless, there is a lot of work that goes into every post. Also, you might start writing on a topic and become blank half way. That has happened to me a few times. I have posts in my draft folder that I couldn’t finish because I lost my thought process. I a still learning how to maximize my time.

It is not an easy route to wealth

This is a very solid fact. I believe you might have read this piece of advise somewhere. “Don’t start a blog for the money, blog because you have a passion for it”.  You know what, I don’t believe in that. If the reason why you started blogging is to make some coin, do you and be proud of your decision.  Does having a passion for blogging play a role? Yes it does to an extent. Is passion the only key you need to have a successful blog?  The answer is absolutely not.

Make sure that whatever is your driving force for blogging is something that can keep you motivated when you hit rock bottom. Oh yes! There are down moments in blogging and you have to be ready or else that might be end of your blogging dream. I believe every laborer deserves a wage whether they like the job or not. However, have it at the back of your mind that bogging is not an easy route to becoming a millionaire in one week. It takes time and lots of hard work to generate income in this field.

Getting traffic and growing a mailing list is hard

There are lucky stories of blogs getting thousands of views and subscribers in less than a month of launching. While that is very inspiring, have it at the back of your mind that it can take months of working extremely hard to meet your goal.  You have to keep experimenting till you get it right. I mean lots of experiments like you are scientist. So be ready to experiment. Getting traffic to your blog is a tough work. However, don’t be discouraged, I know it is annoying to do all that hard work and not get the desired results. Keep trying till you get there.

You have to run your blog like it is a business

To find your voice in the blogosphere run it as a business.  If you want to grow, take it seriously and that includes being consistent and writing quality contents for your readers. There are a lot of experts in this field. It is quite saturated.  So you can imagine how tough it is to break through.

Blogging is stressful


There will be lots of late nights and no nights. If you don’t have a timetable and blueprint, you can easily get stressed and discouraged. Always check your stress level, come up with a plan to help you when that happens. Don’t let your live revolve around just blogging.  Take breaks and do other activities. I was a victim of this. I became so stressed that I had to abandon my blog for a month.

Okay what did I miss?

blogging tips

These facts are based on my personal experience as a new blogger. What did you find out on your own about blogging?




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